TASK: To create an education campaign that teaches consumers how to use the RedLaser app and drives downloads of the app. This spawned the creation of Redd "The Laser" Laser. A RedLaser fanatic to the core, Redd became the spokesperson of the campaign aimed at teaching non-fanatics how to get the best out of the app in preparation for Black Friday. Deliverables included TV, microsite, rich and social media, online banners, and visual interface design.


"Trying On Jacket"

"Bad Muffin"

"Totally Bookin' It"

"Lasering Flashcards A Bunch"

"Super Long and Boring"

Rich Media Banner

Facebook Headquarters

eCard Maker

Online Banner


TASK: To promote Lupe Fiasco's highly anticipated sophomore album "Lasers." Lupe Fiasco partnered with RedLaser to create a buzz worthy event hyping an exclusive pre-sale of the album. A guerilla laser light show was created and displayed in NYC. Fans were prompted by Lupe Fiasco himself via Twitter to gather at the event to await their prize: an scannable QR code projected on the side of an NYC building, giving them first-access to "Lasers." Deliverables included storyboards and motion graphic animation.


TASK: To build awareness for RedLaser's new mobile app which allowed users to band together via QR code scanning and geo-tagging at the many music events that Redlaser hosts. Deliverables included information architecture, user flows, and visual interface design for mobile.

iPhone App